Brand Story

hannahpad is a brand that always thinks about ways to help women experience more comfortable and enjoyable menstrual cycles. It’s already been over 12 years since hannahpad was first launched back in 2005; it was born with hopes to alleviate pain and decrease side effects for women using disposable pads.

Even with many challenges along the way, hannahpad was able to grow and expand thanks to all of our valued customers and their feedback over the years. It only began as a small night time job with a few fabrics and a sewing machine. From a one person dream, hannahpad is now a company with professional seamstresses and management team, where everyone works together to make exceptional quality cloth pads and also finds ways to give back to the society.

It was difficult (,and still is,) to change people’s minds about menstruation. It is not a ‘taboo’ nor a ‘disgusting thing’. Many people think cloth pads are smelly and filthy because of the blood, and so nobody wants to touch it. However, it’s not your period blood that stinks. The odor occurs due to the chemical reaction and bacteria growth from the blood touching the disposable pads.

We will face these questions still as we go forward with our products. Of course you cannot look over the convenience of disposable pads, especially for those with busy life these days. Nevertheless, the plastic and chemicals in disposable pads harm the environment and it is our goal to minimize this with hannahpad.

photo by @sustainablychic

We are always looking for ways to make hannahpad achieve the next level.
Designed & manufactured in Korea, all of our products are creations & developments from real user experience and feedback. We would always love to hear from you on how hannahpads can become better and what you like or dislike about them. After all, it's all about you.  

Healthy You, Happy Planet