Care Instructions

We never said washing cloth pads are easy, but we never said it's difficult either! Once you get into the routine, washing hannahpads will be just like another simple point on your to-do list.

1. Place used hannahpad under running cold water and rinse out discharge as much as possible.
2. Add washing detergent on soiled area of pad and gently rub until it lathers. Do not wash pad afterwards.
3. Fold pad in half and soak in cold water for min 6 hrs, and up to 48 hrs (2 days).  Change water in between if soaked for longer than 12 hrs.
4. Hand wash soaked pad in running water. (Machine wash possible, but hand wash recommended.)
Hang dry (in the sun or indoors.)



 ㆍMachine wash in COLD water. (Hand wash preferred)
 ㆍDo not use bleach.

 ㆍDo not tumble dry.
 ㆍDo not wring/twist
 ㆍDo not iron
 ㆍDo not dry clean


Wash pads before first use.
ㆍUse only ecological plant based laundry detergents and stain removers.
ㆍBoiling pads not recommended.
ㆍFully dry pads before storing.

ㆍPersonal use only. Do not share pads with others.
ㆍWash/soak used pads as soon as possible.
ㆍDo not wash used pads at public facilities.
ㆍIf outside, fold used pad, put in appropriate bag and wash at home. 

We weren't so good at folding our hannahpads right from the beginning either. Practice makes Perfect! You can easily fold hannahpads from Pantyliners to Ultra Overnight Pads. Sorry, Super Ultra Overnight Pads cannot be folded. It's just very Super Ultra!