The Making

Ever wondered how hannahpad is made? Here's the answer. 

All of hannahpad's organic cotton fabrics (the internal top sheet & absorption layers) are prepared by boiling it to make sure no contamination is present when making the pads. Eco-friendly printing methods are used on natural cotton fabrics to create the beautiful patterns. 

Prepared fabric is then cut to smaller portions to allow for making the inner top layers and the absorption layers.

First, the the inner top layer and the absorption layers are sewn together. Then, the outer pattern backing is sewn together with the rest by double stitching the pad with a cotton perimeter binding. This technique is known to be more durable and high quality compared to the general overlock method used in most cloth pads. 

A complete hannahpad is made! But, this is not the end. Every hannahpad goes through rigorous quality control. Any major craftsmanship errors or low fabric quality pads are picked out before becoming a final hannahpad product.

hannahpad stands by its quality of the pads! We always make sure that all of the hannahpads going into the hands of our customers are one of the best and finest quality product.