The People

Founder / CEO /  Director of Korea
Youngmin Jang

Youngmin created hannahpad in 2005 with hopes to improve women's health. He was only an university student when he got the idea to start the business. Since then, he has been working hard to promote healthy menstruation for all people and has been contributing his talents and abilities for those in need. 


Director of South Africa (Since 2013)

Marinette Ziman

My family and I have been on a health journey for many years. We do not only care about what we eat, but also about our environment, our household waste and cleaning, and our body care. We have managed to address most of these issues over the years, but sanitary health was a difficult one. After being diagnosed with Endometriosis in 2004, I started researching causes and cures for this condition. My search led me to alternatives for disposable pads and tampons. I started looking at alternatives for disposable pads, and eventually came across Hannahpad in 2013. Friends seeing my beautiful products, wanted some too, and asked me to import them. And so the journey started in 2015 when South Africa was the first country, outside Korea, to have Hannahpad available to fellow citizens . This is a solution to so many problems women are facing these days. And best of all is that it brings beauty every month to women using them.


Director of Australia & New Zealand (Since 2015)
Marcus Steve

Marcus is the director of hannahpad Australia & New Zealand. AKA Aussie Padman. He was introduced to hannahpads through his wife Jenny who had been looking for the most natural alternative to manage her menstruation. Once Jenny started using hannahpads she benefited so much that they realised many other women could benefit as she had had. That realisation started them on their mission to spread the love of cloth pads through out Australia & New Zealand.

Director of Japan (Since 2015)
Arisa Joung

Arisa first met with hannahpad in 2015. It was when having a meeting about finding a product that is safe and comfortable for those looking for ways to live healthier. hannahpad was the answer. Arisa is working hard to promote the benefits of organic cotton hannahpads and how cloth pads really change your health and body. If 1 week of period lasts 5 days, that's almost 2400 days in your lifetime. Going through all those days in pain is heartbreaking. Arisa hopes to offer smiles through more comfortable periods with hannahpads.


Director of Canada & USA (Since 2016)
Eisa Lee

Eisa is the director of hannahpad Canada & USA. She's been walking the reusable menstruation journey for the past 7 years and loves it! Also an architect-in-the-making, Eisa dreams to design a space where women can gather to share their dreams and work together to fulfill them. 


 Director of Philippines (Since 2017)
Samuel Sung / Hannah Choi-Sung

Samuel: After graduating with a B.A in Religion at Baylor University in Texas, Samuel sought to expand his experiences by moving to Melbourne. While working in Melbourne, he met with the the directors of hannahpad Korea & Australia – and this is where it all began. Hannah: For 30 years in mission work, Hannah has gained a reputation in ministry and education. She wishes to educate women about the importance of health, sanitation, and healthier living in the Philippines.


Director of France (Since 2017)
Julie Chang

Julie Chang is the director of hannahpad France. Together with her husband Jean-Benoit, their mission is to offer a healthier alternative to each and every European woman while preserving the environment. hannahpad slogan speaks by itself: Healthy you! Happy planet! Bonne santé et belle vie à vous toutes sur notre planète bleue!